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coco hamada


Premium coconut charcoal

COCO HAMADA is 100% natural hookah charcoals and is made from compressed coconut shell. 

Tasteless and burn up to 90 minutes.

You can light these coals on a stove top or an electric coil burner.

It takes around 5-8 minutes to completely light and glow red. 

COCO HAMADA has been ranked as the number one natural coals of choice for many hookah lovers. 

Not quick lite coals , contains no Sulphur , burns up to 90 minutes , leaves less than 3% in ashes , clean burning & tasteless , 


Not a single tree was cut to make this product


Deliver the highest quality

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality COCONUT charcoal products.

We do this by selecting the best raw materials and working with the best suppliers. Over the last 25 years we have continuously improved our product and production process. With a fully trained quality control and quality assurance staff, we assure that the quality of our products are unsurpassed.

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